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Seagum Jelly characters


I have been working on the Seagum Jelly characters. I want to show you a preview of my latest one. That guy over there is Jonas. He is a fisherman and a helping NPC until level 13. In level 13 you can play as him. His boat also appears in the levels. He is fishing a fish at the picture. I don’t think Jellies eat fish.

I will also add character collections. Like Pirates and Oddballs. If you complete the collections you will get. Um, well I don’t know. Jonas and this Blue fishy guy are in Oddballs. They are weird. No offense. Blue Fish Guy was born like that. Don’t be rude to him, he had a lot of bad stuff happening in his life. He isn’t lucky. His name is Blob Boy, he is one of the first generation characters. Anyways you can see the characters in the Blueflake Wikia.

I hate when bad stuff happen to me, why do people think I’m so weird and don’t listen to me. Why? ~ Blob Boy

My friend JuanJLF also made the Blueflake LTD website. Its cool, you should check it out. He mentioned me :D. So happy. Anyways to make it right. X10018ro felt bad for me because my brother broke my thumb. He blamed me for it. He didn’t want to get in trouble. I was the co-founder. Until X10018ro promoted The Apple who didn’t do anything to the co-owner and co-founder. I think. Then after JuanJLF took over I was the co-founder again. I think. The Apple is mean. You know what he said? I know, I removed the rest of the swear.

Axiy is s(Technical Problems, Family Safety has blocked this sentence. Client Error 403 Forbidden. Please contact this error to Microsoft Family Safety.) ~The Apple

Now to round this Axiy News Tumblr. I should say oh bye there, in a different spelling of course. You know once I’m gonna say it right and see what will happen. (Technical Problems, Microsoft has blocked this word. Client Error 501 Not Implemented. Please Contact this error to Microsoft Windows XP will end in 2014 April.) I guess I shouldn’t.


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I’m back!


I have been gone for a long time. 4 months. Now I am back! In Seagum Jelly we might add different characters. But anyways I made a new feature in Lamadilus, as some know the crocodile can shoot spikes, what if it had a charge bar. That is what if. Now good news is that the evil boy X10018ro is not active and won’t terrorize us. Yay! And at the beginning of this post you read that I might add different characters to Seagum Jelly, that’s right! Now not everybody is the same. We will add different looking pirates. Every one is special. And there will be only one of them. The whole crew in Seagum Jelly has 12 members and 1 captain. The captain will have a name. That is not sure yet. 2 members are twins. Look kind of different. One member is high tempered. His weapons are 0.15% stronger than others. 3 Female. Adds up to 7. And one that likes water than survives water. He is a bit Blue-Ish. Just 4 more. Those will be revealed later.